Presenting High School Physics as You’ve Never Seen It Before.

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Student Testimonials

“I never knew Physics could be this much fun”

“I hate Physics but I really enjoyed reading this”

“This has helped me so much. There were areas I never could understand until I read this”

“I couldn’t wait to see the new one”

“I’d read this for fun”

“I’d never read a text book but I’d read this for sure.”

Some of the reasons students have said why they like Curriculum Comics posters and comics:

What did you like about this product?

  • Comic Book format 92%
  • Humour 46%
  • Small amount of text 46%

Is this product appealing to you ?

  • Extremely 92%
  • Mildly 5%

Would you recommend this product?

  • Definitely 36%
  • Very likely 56%
  • Maybe 5%

No wonder we’re so EXCITED about these posters No more boring text books, from now on its thrills, spills and excitement. Turn Study Time into Fun Time! Study quickly and efficiently with concise and easy to follow resources.