Presenting High School Physics as You’ve Never Seen It Before.

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About Us: We just love Physics!

We really do!

Here at Curriculum comics, we are so excited about physics we’ve spent years and years creating posters and comics explaining all the things you need to know. We’ve written the posters specifically for high school  physics students and have done our best to make things easy to understand by using lots of coloured pictures and concise text. That way you can learn fast and even enjoy the whole experience.

With years & years experience as a teacher and in private tuition we’ve seen how students learn best, by actually enjoying the subject. You see, we want you to love it all just as much as we do! Study can be stressful, but at Curriculum Comics we think learning doesn’t have to be. Don’t think we have sacrificed the integrity of the subject though, its just presented to appeal to teenagers, not PhD professors! Our aim is to present the subject in a form that students would actually want to read!


Great moments in science!

Why wouldn't you love physics?

Where else can you travel through time...

be chased by terrifying dinosaurs...

journey inside the atom...

& enforce laws?